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Mullin Group LLC Secures Prestigious New Orleans District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Contract Award Worth $4,750,000

We are proud to announce that Mullin Group LLC has been awarded a significant contract by the New Orleans District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This esteemed contract, worth $4,750,000, has been granted to our company on 17 October 2023. The primary objective of this project is to enhance the current sill's depth, progressing from its initial -55 feet mark to an improved -30 feet mark, ensuring the continued safe passage of deep-water vessels through a 630-foot-wide navigation channel. Mullin Group LLC has been entrusted with the crucial responsibility of augmenting the existing sill's depth within the New Orleans District. This undertaking aims to facilitate efficient navigation for deep-water vessels while preserving a wide navigation channel measuring 630 feet. The contract's total value of $4,750,000 demonstrates our company's expertise and trustworthiness in undertaking significant marine construction projects. At Mullin Group LLC, we have an exceptional track record of executing complex marine construction projects efficiently and successfully. With our skilled team of professionals, specialized equipment, and commitment to quality, we are well-equipped to carry out this project to the highest standards. This contract award reinforces Mullin Group LLC's position as a reputable and dependable contractor within the marine construction industry. It reflects the confidence placed in our capabilities by both the New Orleans District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Furthermore, this endeavor aligns with our commitment to enhancing maritime infrastructure and ensuring safe passage for vessels navigating through the region. Securing this significant contract exemplifies Mullin Group LLC's ongoing growth and resilience in an ever-changing contracting landscape. The successful execution of this project will not only enhance our reputation as a reliable contractor but also contribute to the development of critical maritime infrastructure within the New Orleans District. The Mullin Group LLC team is honored to have been selected by the New Orleans District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, for this prestigious contract award. We are prepared to apply our technical expertise and dedicated workforce to efficiently execute this project, elevating the current sill's depth and establishing a comprehensive navigation channel for deep-water vessels. At Mullin Group LLC, we remain committed to delivering excellence within the marine construction industry and exceeding the expectations of our clients.